For our jewelry collection ‘Les Bijoux Chantants’. We invited three musicians: Gabber
Modus Operandi, Rui Ho and Guerre Maladie Famine to create music by playing with
our jewelries pieces which are also mini musical instruments. The project was first
released on i-D China.

Gabber Modus Operandi realized a video ’DUKUN’. In Indonesia, there is a profession
called ‘Dukun’. ‘Dukun’ is known to use his magic and his talent of of story telling

to hustling the costumers. How this “shaman” performs and his authentic gestures
are always so fascinating. This video performance is to present the grassroots
phenomenon coming from the past and present as know with club culture.

  Musician Rui Ho from Shanghai created a
new track ‘Night Fall’.

The track is 100% sampled from the sounds
of the jewelry pieces.
  Guerre Maladie Famine from Marseille created his first ambient mix with sound samples of the jewelry pieces.